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About Aavishkar

Established in the year 2013. At Aavishkar we strive to accelerate access to advanced medicines at affordable price and finding solutions for unmet needs. Our portfolio consists of oral dissolving strips, Liposomal Supplements and Energy Shots for various products in Pharmaceuticals, Neutraceuticals and Oral Care. We develop novel formulations for currently marketed drugs or supplements that address significant unmet needs and patient care.

Vision - Aavishkar by 2018
    Capacity to produce & sell 50 Million Oral Strips per month.
    To be the largest manufacturer of Liposome Supplements and Energy Shots in Asia.
    More emphasis for R&D with a minimum 30 products commercialised.
    Construction of USFDA compliant manufacturing facility.
    Having presence in more than 50 countries.
The Made Shop

B-Force – (B-Complex Strips)

    Improves Cardiac, Neural and Digestive system.
    Cells reproduction for healthy Skin,Nails and Hair.
    Reduces birth defects in women.
    Improves Cardiac, Neural and Digestive system.
    Metabolizes Energy.
    Maintains healthy blood glucose levels
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D-Fence - (Vitamin D3 Strips)

    Promotes healthy bones and reduces respiratory infections.
    Reduces the risk of Cancer and High blood pressure
    Healthy teeth in teens and children
    Relives body aches and pains.
    Reduces wrinkles, makes skin soft, strong, and smooth
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Electrol Strips

    Induces metabolic function
    Replenishes body fluids with electrolytes to healthy and safe levels
    Minimizes energy loss.
    Reduces muscle cramping during workout and sports.
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Sildoral – Sildenafil 50 mg

    Dissolves immediately in mouth and no waterrequired.
    Quick and Onset action, it kicks off within 15 to 20 mins and lasts till 12 Hrs.
    Freshens mouth with mint flavour
    User Friendly, It just fits in your wallet
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Energy Strips: Caffeine 50 mg

    They are refreshing, delicious and help pick you up.
    Gives you a power boost of energy and stamina
    Improves alertness and activeness.
    Relaxed, Recharged and Rejuvenated
    Easy to use and carry compared to liquid energy drinks.
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A Closer Look with Gina Kiel

Melatonin: Sleep Strips

    Helps to reduce the time to fall asleep.
    Increases sleep time and you wakeup fresh in themorning.
    Helps people suffering from sleep restrictions orJet Lag.
    Useful for stressed people who travel in different time zones.
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Business Development

Before we do anything, we like to sit down together and find out more about you. We want you to tell us your story – of your company, your product and your Idea to work with us.

Creative Research

We carefully plan each project before any designing or development takes place. We carefully understand customer requirement and we make sure our customer get the right product in Hand.

Research & Development

Aavishkar by name itself means Innovation. Research and Innovation is the core strength of the company and we strive to keep re-inventing. Our products are driven by high Intellectual-Property and Complex chemistry. Our Key focus is to deliver the drugs and supplements innovatively.


The facility is designed as per class 100000 cGMP guidelines with State-Of-Art manufacturing design with Production Capacity of 5 Million Strips per Month. The machines are tailor designed and Rugged enough to run for 24x7 for mass scale production.


Our packaging design is a bench mark in the Industry and they are best of the class in Look. We give extreme importance for the Packaging design.


We are backed with strong supply chain, Production and Logistics to deliver the right product on time.

    Pharmaceutical Strips

      Sildenafil 50 mg – Oral Strips
      Ondansetron 4 mg & 8 mg– Oral Strips
      Tadalafil 20 mg – Oral Strips
      Simethicone 62.5 mg – Oral Strips
      Nicotine 1 mg & 2 mg

    Neutraceutical & Herbal Strips

      Melatonin 1.8 mg & 3 mg – Oral Strips
      Nano-Curcumin 50 mg – Oral Strips
      Cytisine 1.5 mg – Oral Strips
      Vitamin B12 1000 mcg & 1500 mcg Oral Strips
      Vitamin D3 1000 IU, 3000 IU, 5000 IU, 10000 IU & 60000 IU Oral Strips

    Neutraceutical & Herbal Strips

      Vitamin K2 200 mcg Oral Strips
      Folic Acid 200 & 400 mcg Oral Strips
      Caffeine 40 mg + B-Vitamins & Caffeine 80 mg + B Vitamins oral strips For Energy
      Cannabidol 99% 5 & 10 mg pure extract Oral strips for Anti Inflammatory
      Boswellia + Curcumin + Begonia Flower extract Nano Oral Strips for Pain

    Neutraceutical & Herbal Strips

      Mint Leaf + Ginger + Cumin seed extracts Nano Oral Strips for Gastric
      Herbal Hedera Helix + Angelica Flower + Mint + Lotus Flower Nano Strips for Cough
      Peppermint + Lavender + Feverfew extract Nano strips for Headache

    Energy Shots

      Instant Energy Shots with 80 mg Caffeine + 1000 mg Taurine and other Vitamins + Nutrients in various flavors such as Lime, Pomegranate , Roasted Coffee etc..
      Instant Herbal Energy Shots with Maca + Green Coffee Bean + Ginseng + Ashwagandha + Tribulus Terrestris extracts for long lasting energy

    Liposomal Supplements

      Liposomal Vitamin B12 1000 mcg in 10 ml pack
      Liposomal Vitamin D3 3000 IU
      Liposomal Iron Glycinate 14 mg
      Liposomal BCAA 1000 mg

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Aavishkar Oral Strips Pvt Ltd.
No.109/3,IDA,Phase 2,Sector2,
Lane 6,Cherlapally,R.R Dist,
Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,
India - 500051.
Tel: +91 40 64610001,
Mobile: +91 8008923344
Skype: din12330
E-mail : anusha@aavishkar.org, dinesh@aavishkar.org, dineshreddyar@gmail.com

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