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Breath Freshening Strips

Breath strips play an important role in Oral hygiene and keeps your breath fresh by killing 99% of bad germs in oral cavity. These strips dissolve instantly and immediately as soon it is placed in the mouth leaving no residue with fresh mouth feel.

Oral cavity is much exposed to the air and due to various food habits our oral cavity will become a host for the bacteria and these bacterial will grow faster. Which makes your bad breath. Uses of breath strips are vast such as for smokers, people attending meeting, during Interviews, date with your partner, after you eat , after you drink, before you sleep etc.. very time breath strips keeps you going fresh and forward.

  • Kills 99% of the bad germs in oral cavity.
  • Keeps your mouth fresh for longer time.
  • Convenient to use anytime and anywhere.
  • Dissolves immediately and completely in the mouth leaving no residue.
  • Good replacement for regular liquid mouth wash
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