We have taken due care of customer needs and developed varius innovative packaging which is user friendly and have good patient compliance. The packing material used is as per FDA norms.

Peel open seal laminate: This type of strip packing is mainly used in pharmaceutical or medicated strip application for better patient compliance and to avoid any excess dosage by over sight.

  • The packing material used is triple layered and easy to peel open.
  • The number of strips in each pouch can be varied from 1 strip to 3 Strips in single pouch based on customer requirement.
  • These peel open packs will be again placed in carton box.
  • Size, shape, designs and number of pouch in each carton can be customized based on customer requirements.

Cassette packing: This type of strip packing is mainly used to carry multiple dosages in breath fresheners and dietary supplements where the user can carry a set of strips in a Cassette and can be used in regular intervals based on requirement.

  • Each Cassette can hold upto 30 strips.
  • Made of food grade HDPE.
  • Easy to open or close after every strip dispensed.
  • Smart design which allow only single strip to be dispensed per attempt.
  • Provision for blister packing to avoid air and moisture absorption.
  • Provision for Carton packing with attractive designs.

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